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Hugeworth Heating Bag are so popular for spa

Hugeworth-F01 Hot Stone Heating Bag are beacoming a must for spa hot stone and bamboo sticks massage for its advantange of Mobility and quick heating . Unlike existing water stone heaters, the Bag does not require water and its dry heating make it greener . Heating bag Contains:1*heating bag(62*28*7cm), 2*small inner bags(30*22cm),1*long inner bag(58*22cm), ,1*shoulder strap,1*heating boars(58*22*1cm),1*high volt cable (1.8meter long),1*12v car lighter cable(1.6meter long). Now we will show u the heating function, firstly we show how to heat the bamboo [bæm’buː] bars . we can see the room temperature is 22 ℃,now we connect the power and the bamboo bars reach 70 ℃ about 20 minutes later, and then we can get it out to use for massage. then is the hot stone heating.the 2 small inner bags are for stones holding,we put them inside bag. temperature reached 70 ℃ after 20 minutes . and then you can use that . Hugeworth hot stone heating bag are very popular all over the world such as uk japan Switzerland,Romania with its advantange of light weight , qucik time dry heating and mobility it can use at home or at your car. it is becoming a must when doing a thermal therapy  massage.

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