Hugeworth,world’s leading manufacturer of electric heating products.
The strongest, therefore, “the biggest”,a competitive company

            Shenzhen Headquarters+ 3 overseas branches                                      Advanced technology accumulation

            New technology to others, mature technology to Hugeworth              Hugeworth Perfect training system, strong communication atmosphere

            over 20 heating engineers                                                                            Our best aim is to fully support our customers

            Leading-edge technology synchronization                                               On the shoulders of giants, we are all experts

More than 10 years of technical accumulation, see more is “know more”                           

• More than 5000 design experience of electric heating products each year
• More than 1000 customers word-of-mouth accumulation
• More than 30 partners of the world’s top 500 electronics companies
• More than 300 projects Debug and consulting experience
• More than 100 technical training each year
• Industry experience more than 5 years per capita, senior staff 10 to 12 years

Quality is our “selfrespect”

Quality                                                                                   Self-inspection

Perfect design instructions                                                                            Layout, wiring, high-speed, thermal design

Summary based on clients need and products                                         The structure of the Check List

First-class training system and training platform                                     Strict quality system and self-examination mechanism

A promotion of a systematized career

Evaluation                                                                            Mutual inspection

Hugeworth Senior experts to participate in the review                        Check the mutual inspection system strictly,

Take comprehensive control from the principle of design,                  sophisticated DFM review process.

DFM, DFT,High speed, EMC, thermal design.

Think what you think,worry what you worry.Makt it 40%-60% faster
Less leading time

Large scale: the team effect of professional engineers
Global network: close service, easy communication
Parallel design: provides multiplayer parallel 7×24 services
Senior team: professional team and senior engineer
Experienced in electric heating design

                                                                                                                  Make your idea come ture with fast response

Case: complete all process service for customer requirements within 12 hours. Fast response to challenge the industry’s deadline

 Hugworth,your best partner

       Our philosophy is one sample to success

Philosophy: one time of sample to success. Reduce research and development and r&d costs.

Quicker launch, more chance


— Process rigor and design specifications meet the requirements of assembly manufacturers
— The design parameters are not only suitable for r&d, but also suitbale to production characteristics
— Self -owned etching factory and heat press factory, industry benchmarking enterprise

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