UVC ultraviolet disinfection box mobile phone led uv light sanitizer

UVC ultraviolet disinfection box mobile phone led uv light sanitizer

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Products Description


Working Minutes–Full Cleaning

Cleaner is widely used in our life,such as  food,health,chemical engineering and so on.Smartphone Cleaner is scientifically proven&tested by independent third party laboratories to clean 99.9% of common household dirty in 5 minutes.

Lights–Complete Cleaning

UVC Box provides two light lamps which could cover the top and bottom surface meanwhile,so you just need to clean your device for one time.

Aromatherapy Diffuser–Extra Freshness

In addition to keeping your favorite belongings dirty free, the portable cleaner works as an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser.
Charge sanitizer via the power bank ect
You can charge your phone sanitizer via the power bank, USB plug,laptop ect.It is very convenient.

Large Inner Dimensions–Up to 6.7 inch

It fits for ipods,mp3 players,Bluetooth earphone,toothbrushes,watches,toys,pacifiers,eyeglasses,keys and jewelry.

Ergonomic Design–Small and Exquisite

The sleek, ergonomic and compact design of our iphone cleaner makes it easy to take with you,Where you go.Unlike some other clean it won’t feel bulkly and easily fits into your purse.
Product Application
Hugeworth Sanitizers Box

Sanitize and elimininate germs and any harmful particles without dangerous,smelly and expensive chemicals.

Use Hugeworth box sanitizers anytime and any where.They work on every surface at home,work or in your vehicle.

Try Hugeworth product,you’re always covered.Long lasting UV-C box bulb will destoy pathogens for years to keep you safe.
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