Infrared Heating Panel

Hugeworth designed more than 10,000 heating solutions,please feel free to request a brochure and sample.Infrared heating panel is used for heating medium of a kind of carbon fiber conductive paper high-tech energy saving, environmental protection hot material.

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Description Infrared Heating Panel
Brand Hugeworth
Principle Electric Heat exchange
Volt/Size/Watts/Shape Customized
Max watt densities(w/cm2) 2.5
Heating Material Nano carbon
Insulation material PET film layer
Dielectric strength 1000VRMS
Max thickness 10 mm
Application temperature -100 degree ~100 degree
Application Description Nano carbon is the essence of the carbon (also known as carbon ink). Using special techniques it is printed on glass fiber panel, then it is heat resistant, moisture resistant, acid and alkali resistant, impact resistant and so on.

Product Features

Infrared Heating Panel

It is well known that far infrared is beneficial to human health. And so people have been looking for natural materials to produce far infrared. Then “carbon” is the best and most suitable material.Infrared heating panel:This new type of energy-saving, environmental protection hot material overcomes some fever materials at home and abroad at present, such as: conductive ink, walter, conductive coatings, electrothermal film, carbon powder, PTC ceramic chip, quartz tube, wire and other products, in the long-term use, means of peroxide over current between the electrode is easy to break, easy to fall off, low dielectric strength, safety performance is poor, short service life, high construction requirements, investment and use cost higher shortcomings.

Product Features
Bring fever quickly. Electric heat, 5 minutes to reach the design temperature;
Bring about planar heat, the surface temperature uniformity;
Bring electro-thermal conversion rate is high, can reach more than 98%;
Bring high efficiency and energy saving, no pollution. Compared with any kind of hot material market, under the condition of the same technology, energy-saving, about 30-50%;
Bring safe and reliable, long service life. Dielectric strength meet the national standard 3750 v, maximum withstand voltage 10000 v, the long-term use of up to 100000 hours. And don’t fall off, don’t break, can waterproof, moistureproof, flame retardant and acid, alkali, salt corrosion;
Bring about health care physical therapy efficacy. This material after electrify producing strong function of far infrared radiation, infrared radiation wavelengths is 8 microns – 10 microns, infrared conversion rate was 68%, the infrared energy is 756.9 K / ㎡, long-term use of physical health effects.

                                          Infrared thermographic testing professional accuracy and reliability

Typical applications:

  • Medical diagnostic instruments:Heat sample trays, reagent bottles, etc and analyzers
  • Stabilize optoelectronic components
  • Test or simulate integrated circuits
  • Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as card readers, LCDs

Rigorously Tested

Tested to withstand 10000 times cycles for long lasting durability and reliability.
4 Times 100% Testing in The Process
1. Heater visual inspection
2. Semi-finished product inspection
3. After dispensing
4. Before packing


HUGEWORTH is a leading manufacturer on comprehensive thermal, temperature sensing and control, and flexible circuit solutions for medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, power generation ,household and other high-reliability applications.
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