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Description Heated Propagator
Brand Hugeworth
Principle Electric Heat exchange
Volt/power 110-230v/8w
Product size L42*W26.8*H19cm
Dielectric strength 1000VRMS
Application Description Heated Propagator–seedling heater for better plant growth and flower seed gemination

About Heated Propagator
Heated Propagator–seedling heater for better plant growth and flower seed gemination
1 warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature
2 increases the success of seedlings and cuttings
3 durable constrnction,waterproof and easy cleaning
Product Features:

Seeding propagation
Constant supply of heat.
Retains moisture
electric greenhouse, seeding propagation

Commodity description 39cm electrically heated propagator
Power 8W
Material of tray ABS
Material of dome PVC
Trait of dome Has an adjustable vent
Size :L42*W26.8*H19cm


•Constant supply of heat.
•Reach higher temperatures.
•Higher humidity, no dry soil.
•Warms soil for sowing & planting.
•Promotes quick growth & healthy plants.
•Protects against harsh weather, animals and pests.
•Retains moisture.

Tested to withstand 10000 times cycles for long lasting durability and reliability.

4 Times 100% Testing in The Process
1. Heater visual inspection
2. Semi-finished product inspection
3. After dispensing
4. Before packing


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