Food warming delivery bag

Food warming delivery bag

Hugeworth food warming delivery bag is easy to use,it uses advanced heat insulation material,heat is not easy to miss,it’s very convenient for you to eat warm meal at any time .

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Food warming delivery bag

Description Food warming delivery bag
Brand Hugeworth
Origin place Guangdong,China
Logo Custom
Function Food warmer,Pizza warming delivery bag,
Power supply DC power
Volt 110V/230V
Temperature 30–70  degree
Material Oxford cloth,  aluminium foil,carbon fiber
Product size 450*450*127MM
Features Food preheat, health care,safely, without electronmagnetic wave radiation
Samples time about 7 days if you would like to customize your styles.

About Portable Food Warmer

Product Features

1. Mobile pizza bag delivery fresh, hot meals to people.
2. Digital temperature controller ensures orders are kept at desired temperatures.
3. AC power and car adaptor.
4. Dual-powered: As well as being powered by an AC power supply, the bag also features a car lighter adaptor, allowing the foods to be warmed.
5. The exterior is water-resistant to allow for delivery in any weather condition such as rain, sleet, or snow.
6. Supporting OEM/ODM.

Technical Feature

As a pizza shop owner, you’re probably well aware of all the new delivery apps available to customers. In this age of convenience, people are choosing to stay comfortable in their homes rather than venturing out to get their favorite pizza. That’s why it’s important to maintain the highest possible standards for your deliveries. Our Choice pizza bag can help you do just that!

4 Times 100% Testing in The Process

1. Heater visual inspection
2. Semi-finished product inspection
3. After dispensing
4. Before packing

HUGEWORTH is a leading manufacturer on comprehensive thermal, temperature sensing and control, and flexible circuit solutions for medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, power generation ,household and other high-reliability applications.
HUGEWORTH’s mission is to serving better life to worldwide family.
1、Best solution of cost control, process managing, time reducing.
2、Optimization from designing, molding, manufacturing production.

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