Cervical Vertebra Massager

Cervical Vertebra Massager

Hugeworth Cervical Vertebra Massager have features of Prevent arthritis, clear blood stasis, anti-inflammatory and kill pain Infrared ray can promote blood circulation. Adjustable size for your waist Help to relieve the pain and swelling.

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Cervical Vertebra Massager

Description Cervical Vertebra Massager
Brand Hugeworth
Origin place Guangdong,China
Logo Custom
Function Neck massage,thermal therapy,Far infrared heating, health care
Power supply Adaptor
Volt 5v,2w
Temperature 35–45℃
Raw material PU,  High elastic fiber
Color black/blue/and custom
Features soft,washable,Eco-Friendly
Samples time about 7 days if you would like to customize your styles.

About Cervical Vertebra Massager

Product Features
1. Cervical Vertebra Massager:
When you feel tired, you could use it to warm your neck, knees.
It can relax muscles, relieve stress and improve blood circulation.

2.It can be use with AC adaptor or AA battery, heater can be taken apart.
Health care, conveniently,economical.

Technical Feature

Name: far infrared heated neck pad
Voltage: 5V
Power: 2W
Feature: far infrared heated, healthy and beauty purpose. heated element carbon fiber can send out far infrared with 4-16um, it is good for human body which can help promote blood circulate and releive fatigue, it can soothing and have good treament of any kinds of pain cause by sedentary lifestyle without exercise. if mix up with herb, strenlength will be more strong and deeply, treatment will be more outstanding.


4 Times 100% Testing in The Process
1. Heater visual inspection
2. Semi-finished product inspection
3. After dispensing
4. Before packing


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