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  • Bamboo Heater Box For Heating Stone Massage Kits

    1:Innovative waterless heating Technology–With waterless heating technology there is no need for traditional stone heating equipment.It much “greener” and more environmentally friendly.

    2:Stable and evenly heating–Our unique heating technology can achieve stable and evenly heating and bring comfortable experience to our user.

    3:Avoid overheating–When the maximum temperature is reached, our heater will maintain an ideal balance and the temperature will no longer rise.

    4:Portable massage kit–Our portable massage kit offers mess-free stone warming along with the ability to easliy transport for traveling therapist as well as your massage practice or home use.

    5:Ideal for Athletes–Home Care and Therapeutic Spa Centers/Melt Away Stress to Soothe Muscle Tension, Soreness, Stiffness.

    6:Original ecological natural bamboos–Our bamboo comes from nature.So the lines of the bamboo box are very clear and looks very natural and comfortable.

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