Hugeworth Values

Hugeworth, look to the future, the company is growing as the internationalization enterprises, it takes root in China and abide by the traditional values and good morals standard, while balancing the interests of the investors, employees and society,  focus on customer , innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, credibility and value driver to achieve the long-term development of the enterprise.

1 Honesty and integrity

We always try to do the right thing.We are full of honesty and frankness.We abide by the law and the connotation of the spirit.We are taking every behavior, every decision, always adhere to the values and principles of the company.When we put forward the proposal, adhere to the facts as the basis, and correctly estimate and realize risks.

2 Future and result focus

Our actions are result-focused. This allows us to secure our future. It also creates a sound basis for the social initiatives of the company and the foundation.

3 Initiative and determination

We act on our own initiative, take entrepreneurial responsibility, and pursue our goals with determination

4 Openness and trust

We communicate important company matters in a timely and open fashion. This is the best foundation for a relationship built on trust.

5 Fairness

We deal fairly with our colleagues and business partners, and view this fairness as a cornerstone of our corporate success.

6 Ownership

We take ourf respective responsibilities, to meet the needs of the company’s business, improve company system and help other employees improve work performance goals.We treat the company’s property ownership, all our actions focus on long-term interests of the company

7 Support others

Our various business organization, department, category and area trust each other and have close cooperation.We are proud to  use other’s Suggestions and methods.We establish a sincere and friendly relationship with all who contribute to achieve company objective, including our customers, suppliers, schools and government, etc.

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